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Timonen treated me three times, and then the pain was gone
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One of Hannu Timonen's satisfied customers is a practice nurse Kirsi-Mari Laine, 42, from Loimaa.

"I saw Hannu seven years ago because of my Fibromyalgia. Every joint in my body ached. In the morning I had trouble getting out of bed and I was too tired after work to do absolutely anything. The aching was down to the soles of the feet. I went to the occupational health care, but they only prescribed me painkillers."

Some time ago Kirsi-Mari had cut out Hannu Timonen's advertisement from Turun Sanomat and while she was cleaning the cupboards the clip fell out in front of her.

"I thought then that I had nothing to lose anymore as I was already ill enough. I phoned Hannu, who himself was at that time recovering from shoulder surgery. Still despite of this he saw me the following week. I visited him four times at weekly intervals and the fibromyalgia disappeared completely. I have been symptom-free for seven years now."

Then she also stopped her medication.

"After the treatments I felt quite incredible because I experienced a new, pain-free life."

Kirsi-Mari visited Hannu again last autumn, not for fibromyalgia but because of tennis elbow, following some renovation work at home.

"Hannu also treated this condition successfully. We need to take our hats off to Hannu, he is a very persevering man."

Terveys Hymy 9 September 2014


You'll have to learn to live with your pain, said the health care professional. I'll heal you, said Hannu Timonen.
"I got my life back," says Susanne, who threw away her medications, sleeps at night and has got a new job!

Susanne Nehvonen from Gothenburg was just 33 years old when she received her diagnosis, fibromyalgia. It was eleven years ago.

"For me it was nice to know what it was. But no help was available," says Susanne. Her symptoms began already in adolescence. Not too strong and not very often but she remembers that her parents often joked that she was born tired. Lazy and tired. With a pain cirulating round her body, particularly her wrists and knees.

"The pain was bothersome, but the fatigue worst. I was never felt rested. Whatever I would do, I felt I would first have to jump over a two metre high fence. The fatigue was crippling."

Intense pain
The trigger for the severe pain that Susanne had as an adult was a muscle and tendon inflammation, which she suffered from while she worked in production at Arsta. The pain became worse and she began to be passed around in health care. She received her diagnosis in 2000 and got even worse, recevied her sick leave for a year but could never come back full time. In addition, she had to take antidepressants to help her sleep.

"I was desperate for help, I really wanted to get back to work full time and get well," says Susanne and says that she read about another woman in Gothenburg who had been healed by the manual therapist Hannu Timonen from Finland. Just like Susanne, she was told that unfortunately there was nothing that could be done.

"I rang Hannu and he said, 'No problem, I'll fix it.' So I booked the hotel and flew to Turku."

Susanne lay on the massage table for first treatment. Hannu put his thumbs in her lower back and pulled all the way up to her neck.

"It hurt so badly, worse than childbirth," recalls Susanne, who next morning woke up with bruises on her back. But she also discovered that she forgot to take their antidepressants but dispite that she had slept well all night. Such a thing had never happened before. They had agreed on four treatments but Susanne had a cold and had to fly home after three.

"I was then almost entirely painfree. My husband met me at the airport when I arrived full of energy and with a broad smile. His first comment was, 'If it only lasts for a week then it is worth every penny!'"

I think of myself
This hapened in February and from October of that year onwards Susanne has worked 100 percent.

"I thought I was doing fine until the following year when I got a double treatment from Hannu again. After that I realized I had been feeling better but now I was really good! I do some stretching excercises for a few minutes every day. That is very important according to Hannu. I listen to my body very carefully because I know if I'm too lazy the pain will be back again. I'm a little more selfish, have changed jobs and think more about myself. I know everything affects the disease; stress, family, heavy job, etc."

"But today I can work full time, work in the garden, cook dinner and spend time with my family. And all this in one day and without being knocked out for days afterwards. You can have your life back."

Several of Susanne's friends have also since visited Hannu for various problems such as RSI and tennis elbow. Of course she wishes that more people would follow her example, in particular young people who received the information from health care professionals that there is nothing that can be done for them to do to follow her example. Everyone might not feel as good as I do but if at least you are able better than before that is already a huge benefit.

Allas veckotidning issue 24/2012 (June 7) Sweden


Hannele Dravantti was considered as having rheumatism until fibromyalgia was finally given as her diagnosis 8 years ago. For a period of 2 years she consumed medication prescribed to her for the treatment of rheumatism as well as several different types of pain killers from the pharmacy. Sleeping was very poor and limited to only a couple of hours per night.

None of the medications had any positive effect on Hannele and the pain continued. Hannele Dravantti happened to hear about Hannu Timonen and decided to get in contact with him securing an appointment rather swiftly.

"I had a trip coming up in 3 weeks time, which would take me nearly 24 hours to complete by airplane and bus. I wondered to myself how I possibly would be able to sit for such a long period of time considering the poor condition my back and shoulders were in".

My first session at Hannu's was an unforgettable experience. Hannele had been diagnosed with the maximum 18/18 tender points. "I was a bit worried that Hannu would break me into little pieces", but already the next day I felt better. The rest of her treatments which consisted of 4 long sessions and 1 short one during a 3 week period were rapidly completed, just in time to have Hannele in great form for her coming journey. Hannele threw out all her medications!

"I had reflux disease and other stomach ailments which made it very hard for me to consume painkillers". Hannu healed my body without the use of any medication and is the only one I trust to treat my spine and vertebrae. Hannele began studying for a new profession in the field of arts which required great hand precision and was also very demanding. Upon completing her thesis Hannele's muscles had become rather stiff, and once again she sought Hannu's expertise. "Plain laziness was the culprit here", as Hannu firmly states. "Daily conditioning is a vital part of maintaining ones health after his treatments.

Viva / Health Magazine n:o 2/2 25.09.07


Finnish Manual Therapist comes to the rescue! Now Maarit can resume work again.

"I wasn't able to sleep more than 3-4 hours per night as I would be awakened by the pain." Says mother of 5 Maarit Klint, 39 yrs of age from Gothenburg, Sweden. "But the next day after my first session with Hannu I had slept, and was full of energy. This was the first time in many years I had actually slept an entire night."

Maarit had suffered from pains in her lumbar back for the past 15 years. She describes it as a burning pain that slowly crept up and spread throughout her back, up to her shoulders. "I didn't feel good at all and my hands felt extremely weak. If I were to sit down in my chair, the pain would start within five minutes."

Working as a cleaner became impossible. Maarit ended up going on sick leave, receiving medication, and having to put up with endless treatments with no real benefit. Only last year Maarit was given the diagnosis of fibromyalgia. Her treatment consisted of painkillers, rehabilitation, and having to, just learn to live with the pain. "But I haven't even hit 40 yet."

Maarit's Mom happened to read an article about Finnish manual therapist Hannu Timonen. This year, in January Maarit traveled over to Turku in Finland for her first session.

"This wasn't an easy treatment for me. I was so sensitive and sore after the treatment, and it took me a few days before I started to feel better. Not even a week had passed and Maarit was able to make up her bed and clean up the entire house without having to spend the next couple of days in bed with her usual pains.

"It really feels as if the pain just vanished." Being so pleasantly surprised Maarit went and booked two more sessions in March with Hannu. "After these I can honestly admit that my health is now at 90%. I've turned over a new leaf, I'm full of energy and can do so much more now."

Maarit is planning her fifth and final session with Hannu to become fully symptom free. But already now she has gone back to work securing a new job.

Må Bra Magazine n:r 9 September 2007

PS: Now Maarit has received her final session and feels great!

Her "incurable" disease was cured.

Soile Sandlund from Gothenburg has now fully recovered. She was diagnosed as having fibromyalgia and told more or less just to learn to live with the pain. "However, I refused to except this and was determined to find help no matter what", Soile says.

Soile Sandlund, age 46 suffered from pain in her muscle insertions and ligaments from 1990 onwards. The constant pain fluctuated between my wrists, back and neck area. Despite undergoing extensive x-rays nothing unusual could be found.

"I wasn't able to work, I had trouble sleeping at nights and even small everyday things like cleaning the house made me sore", says Soile. In May of 2006 Soile was diagnosed as having 14 out of the 18 tender points common to fibromyalgia, the borderline minimum being 11/18. The doctor has told me that this is incurable. However, I felt as though I still had my whole life ahead of me and many years to give, I just wanted to be healthy.

Soile searched for help and happened to find it here in Finland. Hannu Timonen treats fibromyalgia combining massage and vertebra mobilization. Hannu promises results with his effective treatment. Soile packed her bags and headed to neighboring Finland to give it a go.

"Like torture".

"My first session almost felt like torture, it really hurt, and I almost cried from the pain", says Soile. However she persisted to go through with the treatments, feeling 95% better after 4 sessions with Hannu. Soile still wasn't 100% content, and wanted to have 2 more sessions. Today Soile has absolutely no symptoms whatsoever, as well as no tender points or even the fibromyalgia diagnosis.

"Heaven sent!"

"Timonen was a god send." These days Soile is able to work, clean and exercise regularly. Sleeping is no longer a problem and she feels a lot happier. When Soile thinks about the healthcare system in Sweden she almost gets upset. "I couldn't get any help here when I needed it. The only thing I received was painkillers, sleeping pills and poor massage."

Sometimes I think to myself, had I just learned to live and except my diagnosis, how miserable my life would still be. My doctor here in Sweden believes in Hannu's treatment and would really like to meet with him in person. He believes a lot of people could benefit from Hannu's successful treatments here in Sweden.

The Gothenburg Times 06.01.2007

Leena Talja (40) from the city of Pori, in western Finland, says that last spring she started a new life. Now, she is able to do nearly anything, and she knows that everything culminates in the well-being of your own body. Even to her own surprise, the suffering that she had had for 7 years ended at Hannu Timonen's treatment table.

Tarja's fibromyalgia symptoms started in 1998, and after a year she received an official diagnosis from the city's rheuma clinic, and a prescription for an antidepressant. The drug helped for about two months but then she again felt worse despite of increased drug doses. She stopped taking the drug.

The sickness was consuming her strength, and she had to close down her horse business. Her condition fluctuated, until last May when she decided to try Timonen's treatment. Four treatments over three weeks, and Timonen's instructions for home care turned a new leaf in her life.

The first treatment was painful, because all her bones and muscles were locked, but the locks started to open immediately, and her blood to circulate. After the fourth treatment, the sensation was unbelievable, Talja recalls. She thought that Timonen's treatment was rough - but she really felt that she was receiving a proper massage. The previous massages had been just superficial tickling.

Keskisuomalainen, February 2, 2006

Margita Gustafsson from the town of Parainen tells about her miracle cure. Gustafsson's problems started about 12 years ago. The initial symptoms were tennis elbows, and then the pain spread to her shoulders, neck, back, hips and legs.

"For years, I received physiotherapy and cortisone shots into different sites of pain without any permanent help. Sometimes the pain became even worse after those treatments, making me sleepless and tired. My blood tests were quite normal, so I thought this must be something between my ears", Gustafsson recalls. About seven years ago, she read about an illness called fibromyalgia. "Then I knew what I was suffering from. In May 2001 I went to see a rheumatologist, and received a diagnosis". The doctor prescribed antidepressants and pain killers. "However, I could not take those antidepressants, because I suffered from horrible nightmares as their side effect." The last diagnosis was: Nothing can be done.

"Then I read a small insert in my paper, Turun Sanomat, where a woman thanked Hannu Timonen for the treatment she had received for her fibromyalgia. I thought about that for two years before I contacted Hannu. By then, I was really desperate, and I thought that I had nothing to lose anyway", Gustafsson says quietly.

"Now, when I look back I know I suffered two years in vain". Her first treatment by Timonen was in October 2003. "It was quite painful. It hurt, and my arms were bruised, but then I slept the next night without waking up at all – the first time in 12 years". "I could not believe that this was true. Timonen treated me 4 times, and after that all my symptoms have stayed away". Today, Margita Gustafsson sees Timonen every now and then to receive treatment for the muscle tension, that her computer work causes.

"Fibromyalgia does not bother me any more", she says in earnest.

Maaseudun tulevaisuus, January 21, 2005

Reijo from Imatra tells us the following:

"My fibromyalgia creeped in slowly over the years. I suffered from strange pains and aches, stomach symptoms, stiffness and rigidity. I could not sleep properly and became depressed. This, of course increased tension and other symptoms. I searched for help from one doctor to another for several years, and certainly got my share of pills. Then I saw an advertisement by Hannu Timonen of how fibromyalgia can be defeated. Although Hannu Timonen's reception was a long way from Imatra, I was ready and it was worthwhile"!

"Right after the first treatment the pain was gone! My feet, hips, and hands did not ache any more. I could not help from crying - and still can't. Are these my feet: silent, relaxed and warm? It is a miracle, after so many painful years", Reijo says.

"Timonen also advised me of how to keep my body open, and myself in shape. I remember the words of the causes of fibromyalgia development especially well. When I asked him about it, I got a laconic, short answer: By stupidity! It was the best diagnosis I have ever heard, and it surely had an effect on a stiff-necked and stubborn man. Who would like to be stupid? I was not - and will be no more"!

Pargas Kungörelser / Paraisten Kuulutukset 17/2004

A 4H counsellor from Kemiö and a mother of four, Monica Laxéll, experienced fibromyalgia symptoms for the first time for 10 years ago. "Pain began to radiate from my back towards my shoulders, and occasionally the pain was so sharp that I began to sweat. A friend suspected fibromyalgia, and a rheumatologist confirmed the diagnosis", Monica relates.

"A doctor studied 18 tender points and I felt pain in 15 of them. I received rehabilitation, I was given exercise advice, and was requested to pay attention to proper working positions. In my work, I had to carry heavy loads".

Since Monica was a good worker, she tried hard, although it was painful. Pains woke her up in the night, and gradually she also began to develop symptoms of exhaustion. She took a leave of absence from work for a year, but she did not return to work any more.

At the end of last year, Monica read a story from Hannu Timonen, a manual therapist from Mynämäki, and went to see him at the beginning of this year. "Treatment was mostly massage, but also vertebrae were treated. The first treatment was difficult. The second one was easier, and after that the pain was gone. I had to find another sleeping position, because my back works again. I now have lots of energy for different activities, Monica tells us happily. I sew and knit for my children and for myself. In addition, I participate in activities for the Martha Organisation, Lady Lions and in different youth projects. I also read a lot, especially psychological literature", Monica says.

ET-lehti 8/2004

The recovery of Merja Kaarlenkaski (41) from Lohja sounds like a huge miracle. Her symptoms disappeared as if by magic at the reception of manual therapist Timonen.

The ordeal began in the autumn of 1999. Heavy stress caused headaches at first, but soon her back, feet and eyes began to ache as well. The pain became worse day by day. At its worst, life felt like a constant nightmare, which she had to cope minute by minute. A doctor at a health care centre took all possible tests, ordered physiotherapy, and she was also treated with acupuncture, but nothing worked. Merja Kaarlenkaski went to see an ophthalmologist, neurologist and different physical treatments at her own cost, but nothing helped. Finally, when she went to see a physiatrist, the diagnosis was confirmed as fibromyalgia. The result of tender points was 17/18.

"During six months period, I spent over 2000 euros on different tests and treatments just to get a diagnosis of a disease, which has no cure according to the doctors. The pains continued as they had earlier".

Merja Kaarlenkaski had no permanent doctor-patient relationship, since doctors at the health care centre changed constantly. Her own experiments to find a cure, however, continued.

"Lymphatic massage and dry cupping did not help, neither did cryotheraphy. I was admitted to the rheumatism hospital in Heinola for rehabilitation, and there I became interested in sports. I have always walked or cycled 5 km to work, but now I also do Nordic walking, many kinds of gymnastics, and every day, a morning warm-up. A napraphath alleviated some pain", Kaarlenkaski explains.

"Strong painkillers alleviated the pain to some extent, and she also used sleeping pills to help her sleep better. For a year, I slept three hours a night, and I began to get very touchy. When I returned home from work, I just slouched on the sofa exhausted. I did not even like to be with my own family, or concentrate on their doings. I have always been active and social, but I lost all interest in going anywhere or keeping in touch with people".

Her husband read about manual therapist Hannu Timonen from a newspaper, and after a six-month waiting period, Kaarlenkaski visited Timonen in Mynämäki. "After the first treatment I was really sick, but the pain started to alleviate gradually. I visited Timonen four times during a period of four weeks, and after his treatment I haven't experienced any symptoms", Merja Kaarlenkaski tells us joyfully.

Apu n:o 14/2003 (04.04.2003)

10 years of fibromyalgia

Mrs. Vuokko Mutka, a private children´s caretaker from Turku, says that she has been suffering 10 years from fibromyalgia." At first, nobody knew what was wrong with me, and I already started to imagine that the problem was in my head," she explains. "I found it very difficult to stand up in the mornings, and my feet hurt incredibly. Then, also my shoulders started to ache. Occasionally, the pain was in my hips. This is typical for fibromyalgia. The symptoms seem to change their place. Finally, I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia, after which a search for suitable painkillers began. At one point, doctors recommended antidepressants."

"Because of fibromyalgia, I had been on sick leave for as long as three months in one go. I was also sent for physical rehabilitation several times, and I went to physical therapy constantly. These treatments helped for a short time. Then at a health fair, I ran into Mr. Hannu Timonen, who promised in his brochure to cure fibromyalgia, among other ailments. He also gave a presentation for a local rheumatic association. He had taken with him a client who had been cured of fibromyalgia who told us how wonderful it was to sleep in peace without pain. Mr. Timonen struck me as a very impressive therapist, and therefore, I made an appointment with him two years ago."

"Mr. Timonen usually requests feedback from his patients after the treatment. I felt that after the first treatment session my condition could be rated as seven out of ten. The feeling after the second treatment was eight, and after the third session I was able to rate my condition as a full ten. I felt as good as that," Vuokko concludes.

No more painkillers

"The first treatment session was really painful, because I was completely blocked. But the third treatment session began to feel enjoyable. The treatment consists of arm, shoulders and back massages, including manual treatment of the vertebrae. My spine had two severe blocks. I felt like I was all twisted. I could just hear the snaps and cracks when Timonen treated me."

"As I mentioned earlier, I am now in fine shape, and enjoy every minute of my life. No more painkillers are needed either. I think I have already swallowed my share of them anyway."

"Timonen gave me stretching instructions, as he usually does. When I sit at the television in the evenings, I automatically stretch my arms and neck, following the instructions. I would like to tell everybody suffering from fibromyalgia, that instead of painkillers, it is worthwhile to try alternative treatments. Painkillers are not the answer," concludes Vuokko Mutka.

Nykyposti 7/2001

Leena Lindsted had suffered from fibromyalgia nearly half of her life. It struck when she was 28 years old. "First I noticed that my hands lost their pressing power. I kept on dropping things. My feet ached. At that time, I was pretty sporty but exercise became painful."

Leena worked on construction sites. Working conditions were often draughty and damp. "I could not sleep for the pain. Then I discovered that sudden coldness gave me relief. I started to sleep on an ice-cold balcony, and could sleep a bit better. Doctors were suspicious about my complaints because nothing could be found in physical examinations." You are hoping for medical retirement, they claimed and prescribed sleeping pills. Pain killers caused stomach problems. After extended medical examinations in hospital, her ailments were finally diagnosed which was the basis of her 6 month pension. - They tried to rehabilitate me. I went through everything, from gymnastics to acupuncture. Nothing helped permanently, and the pain continued. Then I saw an announcement in the newspaper which promised to cure fibromyalgia, and I wanted to give it a go. I had nothing to lose anyway. Around new year I made an appointment with Hannu Timonen. After three "mangling sessions", a new leaf turned in my life! Leena believes in Timonen´s fingers, as in the Holy Scripts. - At first I had doubts but 10 months has passed since the last treatment session, and the pain is still history, I have to believe in him. It is like a miracle! Leena graded her condition before treatment as 4 out of 10. After the first treatment, the grade increased to 6, after the second treatment it was 8, and after the final treatment excellent. - I am not as good as new but the best possible under the circumstances, Leena praises. Today, she is a trained cardriver, and drives a mobile library. My neck is sometimes tense but the old pain is totally gone. - How am I doing? "Very Well!" exclaims Leena, and drives off in her van.

Turun Sanomat / Extra November 6, 1999

Soili (43) suffered from strange symptoms for 10 years. Her neck was stiff like a block of wood, her shoulders ached, she felt dizzy, had headaches, could not sleep because of the pain, and therefore was dead tired in the daytime. She even experienced visual disturbances. Soili was confused, where did these symptoms come from? Several blood tests and EEG proved normal. She visited masseurs and physiotherapists but without result. Nothing was found, and nothing helped. Doctors prescribed pain killers and sleeping pills for the symptoms, but gradually Soili´s condition deteriorated. "I had to take sleeping pills every night, and I felt numb during the day", Soili recalls. "I also had to take pain killers all the time." The causes of the symptoms remained a mystery, and doctors started to suspect that the symptoms were actually in Soili´s head. According to them, there was no cure for her ailments, which depressed Soili even more.

In autumn 1998 when Soili was reading a Turku newspaper, she noticed a small 2-line announcement in the Personals. It thanked Hannu Timonen for curing fibromyalgia. Without hesitation Soili looked up Timonen´s phone number, and made an appointment with Timonen. The first treatment session was painful. "I practically cried on the treatment table, it hurt so much", Soili recalls. "I was so sore after the treatment that I had serious doubts about the whole thing. In the evening, however, I fell asleep without sleeping pills, and slept like a log until the morning. Falling asleep without pills was such a great experience that it encouraged me to return the next week", Soili praises. She summarises that symptoms disappeared after three treatment sessions. All symptoms. Now Soili is energetic without a trace of depression...

Yhteishyvä 11/99

...Ritva knew where to come. Two years ago she finally found relief for her stabbing headache which had lasted for weeks. "I slept with the help of pain killers. In two weeks I took over 40 pills; the headache started when I went to bed. Pills helped but when I woke up, the headache was back. A neurologist suspected a brain tumour but examinations did not reveal anything."

Once when Ritva was visiting her childhood home in Eastern Finland, she happened to read an article in a magazine about a man who had suffered pain for decades, and who got rid of all pain under Timonen´s treatment. "As soon as I returned to Turku, I called Timonen, and made an appointment with him the next day. My headache disappeared after the first treatment session. It felt incredible. It was the first night in many weeks I slept without pain killers." Her headache had overshadowed her back ache which had lasted for years but as soon as her headache had disappeared, Ritva remembered to mention her back troubles to Timonen as well. "My back had been operated on many times, I could sleep only on my left side. Timonen also treated my back and upper arms which were sore because of computer work. I needed four treatment sessions, after which all pain was gone, and now I can sleep in any position."

Ritva was so delighted that she also sent her daughter for treatment. She suffered from tennis elbow caused by a base ball. The problem disappeared in one go. Her second daughter´s migraine has been alleviated under Timonen´s care as well as Ritva´s own. "I also sent my old father to see Timonen. He suffers from severe bronchitis and asthma, and needs constantly extra oxygen. Timonen had to treat him in a sitting position, so everything could not be done as efficiently as normal but right after the first treatment my father felt so good that he needed no extra oxygen."

Turun Sanomat / Extra May 30, 1998

Every 20th middle-aged woman suffers from sleepless nights and pain because of fibromyalgia. Lea T. became ill when she was 46 years old. The disease stole her ability to work, drove her to depression, and forced her to sell her firm. Now, 16 years later, the pain has stayed away for as long as 3 years.

Pain vanished after 13 years of suffering

In 1985 when Lea T. from Turku started to feel severe pain in her ankles, knee, wrists and shoulders. Back then nobody had heard about fibromyalgia.

"I went to physical therapy and took pain killers but nothing really helped," Lea recalls. "Nights were difficult. My sleep was fragmented, and I woke up with a gnawing pain, I stood up to walk around, and took more pain killers. The pain is worse than tooth ache, and continues incessantly day in day out. In the mornings I was as dozy as a person who had slept too little and taken too many pills can possibly be".

"Going to work became difficult, although as a self-employed entrepreneur I have always liked my work. I was no longer very efficient."

Lea visited many different specialists but her condition was not understood.

"One rheumatologist blurted out that I just imagined all this pain; that the problem was really between my ears!"

Worsening pain, which seemed to have no cure nor understanding, started to wreck Lea´s psyche. A lively and hard-working woman running a successful clothes shop, became depressed.

"In spring 1991 I was completely worn-out, and my family started to become anxious. I was crying all the time, and the children wondered why mother was so exhausted. In the summer, I had to sell the business.

Selling was a difficult decision. Lea had had the shop for 12 years, and the youngest of her three daughters worked there. The future plans of both mother and daughter were shattered with one blow.

"I had to do make the decision to sell. Back then, my 20 year old daughter couldn´t take the responsibility of the shop, and there was also an economic depression round the corner," Lea continues.

Mother cried, and now her daughter cried, too.

Depressing, relieving diagnosis

The same summer as Lea sold her business, she was finally diagnosed using tender points testing. After six years of suffering, the diagnosis was severe fibromyalgia which had no cure. "On one hand, that information depressed me, but on the other hand, I was relieved to know at last what was wrong with me."

The next summer Lea went to rehabilitation for three weeks granted by the SII. She exercised, and did everything as instructed but did not find any relief.

"Then I really started to lose my nerves. I couldn´t work, and nothing helped. I tried to cheer myself up by learning gardening but it was not enough. I had to seek help from a psychiatrist.

Finally, the psychiatrist was the first one to realise that Lea couldn´t work, and recommended sick leave.

"He made me believe that depression was a consequence of pain and aching, and not vice versa."

Lea was granted a pension.

She was seeking relief for pain, and while doing so she consumed boxfuls of ibuprofen.

"None of the highly specific drugs prescribed by the doctors helped, but luckily Burana gave me some relief. I took two to three tablets a day, each 600 mg, sometimes even 800 mg."

While living on pain killers Lea tried everything imaginable. She had her amalgam fillings removed, ate agents purifying and vitalising her body, bought a bright light lamp, visited a chiropractor and went to iris diagnosis.

Until her daughter showed her a local paper in 1998.

A new life

"There was a two line message in that paper, in which somebody thanked manual therapist Mr. Hannu Timonen for curing her from fibromyalgia."

Lea has saved the paper because it contributed to her cure - after 13 years of pain.

"I was highly pessimistic when I went to see Mr. Timonen, although I had spoken on the phone with the person who had thanked Timonen in the paper. I just thought that let´s try this one too. But the pain vanished on the treatment table!"

Now, Lea laughs happily, although the treatment itself was painful. After the first treatment session even her husband looked horrified at her bruised body.

"Although the treatment was painful, it felt good. And my condition improved after each treatment session. On the fifth treatment session, I jumped up and down excitedly. Look at me, I am healthy. No more pain!

Lea was not yet confident that the disease was finally conquered. But now that nearly three years have passed since the last treatment session she can sleep at nights without pain.

"It is possible that the same treatment is not effective for everybody, but it opened a new life for me," Lea laughs.

When looking back at the years with the disease, the worst point was not the pain, but where it led to:

"Giving up my business was extremely painful. I have always been active, and my business was my heart and soul. When that life ended, from no fault of my own, and doctors just said that the problems were in my head... Even today, I dream at night about organising market or sales in my shop. Giving it all up still hurts.

"When I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia I was consoled that there would be no permanent damage. I was just advised to learn to live with the pain. It is very difficult to learn to live with that kind of pain!"

Now I can really enjoy a painless life.

What else did the disease teach me?

Well, at least gardening! Our yard blossoms in all colours of the rainbow, as does the land at our summer cottage.

And what about the balcony of our holiday apartment during our winter holiday?

We get some flowers, there, of course!

Me Naiset 37/2001

Pentti Laaksonen, craneoperator and carpenter for over 30 years, hurt his right arm in Egypt on a Finnish construction site in 1985. "I returned home, and for two weeks I carried my arm in a protective bandage and took pain killers. As soon as the elbow healed tolerably, I returned to work. It was a mistake because the arm became sore again", explains Pentti.

Laaksonen explains that he received physiotherapy for his arm three times a week 100 times in all - without result. "In addition, I tried reflexology. I went to 10 acupuncture sessions, and also had about 10 ordinary massage sessions. In 1985 I also spent three weeks in a spa. Nothing helped, though."

Luckily last spring I heard Hannu Timonen interviewed on a local radio. He spoke about his successful business in the treatment of locomotor disorders using manual treatment methods. So I decided to visit Timonen, and I have to say that after just four treatments sessions, the pain from the elbow vanished. Also my shoulder is fine and painless. I can only say to everyone in a similar situation that there is no point suffering pain and taking pain killers if there is cure available.

Nykyposti n:o 4/97

Matti Sahravuo, 44, did not sleep for months because of his aching shoulder. Cortisone, massage and acupuncture did not bring any relief. Gradually he succumbed to the thought that at his age some type of aching was more a less the norm. A colleague disagreed and sent Matti to Mynämäki to see Hannu Timonen. The pain vanished.

"I had played a lot of golf and chopped wood, and my right shoulder started to ache. I woke up many times every night, I tried to find a better position to sleep, but in a little while I woke up in pain again", explains sales director Matti Sahravuo from Helsinki.

Matti endured pain and sleepless nights for about a month, then his shoulder was scanned. The ultrasound did not reveal anything though. In the summer, the aching continued, lifting hay bales was painful, also his thighs and calves started to show symptoms. Matti went through 10 massage treatment sessions, without result.

The summer turned to autumn, and the pain continued. Cortisone shots gave relief only for a week or two. "Soon, putting a coat on, or shifting gears of my car was pure agony". Matti had to throw ball from downward up because the normal throwing position was impossible.

Pain, which had lasted for nine months, and fragmentary sleep became part of Matti´s life. He had searched for help in so many places that he no longer believed that there was cure. Highly sceptical he finally drove to Mynämäki to see Hannu Timonen. Why would this make any difference?

Hannu Timonen treated Matti´s vertebrae and muscles for about an half an hour on a Saturday in January. Over the weekend Matti´s shoulder was sore, but otherwise it was ok. On Tuesday morning Matti woke up surprised: For the first time in 9 months he had slept through the night without waking up to pain. And the pain stayed away. Ten days later Matti returned to Mynämäki. There are no more problems in putting on a coat, and shifting gears in his car is again easy.

Matti Sahravuo admits that he would not have gone to Mynämäki to see Timonen, if his colleague hadn´t practically forced him to go. "Now I have to believe that that the trip was worthwhile - the pain just vanished with correct care", Matti explains and draws a wide circle in the air with his right arm.

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Kaarina Selin, who has been treated by Hannu Timonen, tells us that she had been looking for help for her arm problems from numerous doctors, including physiatrists, without result. "Pain killers no longer helped by the time I went to see Timonen. My arm was in such a bad shape that I could not even lift a pound object because of the pain."

Already the first treatment session had an effect and alleviated the pain.

Kaarina Selin says that evidently there are quite a few of her kind of people suffering from elbow and shoulder problems who do not know where to look for help although help is as near as a doctor.

Kaarina explains that she had had her arm treated twice. Before that treatment Hannu Timonen had treated problems with her side, and had discovered that one rib was completely detached. Timonen directed his patient to see a doctor who removed the detached and damaged rib surgically.

"For 15 years I had been running from one doctor to another because of pain in my side. Moreover, I had high blood pressure and suffered from arrhythmia. Doctors finally examined me thoroughly from head to heel, and came to the conclusion that the problem was between the patient´s ears, and that one should learn to live with one´s ailments."

Then I became angry, and decided to try chiropractic treatment, and Timonen finally found a real reason for my ailments.

Kaarina Selin continues that when she was treated manually for the first time, she was in really bad condition. Physical treatments prescribed by doctors had not helped at all.

"I felt crippled all over. I had stomach problems, a lack of appetite, lower back aches arrhythmia and pain in my arms."

Kaarina explains that after the treatment sessions she felt like walking on clouds. Today I can do any work from spring sowing, gardening to picking berries in the forest. Earlier these type of activities were impossible, since I could hardly put a kettle on the stove, and swallow a pain killer.

When compared to continuously running from doctor to doctor, visits to Timonen have been relatively rare. "I am so happy that life is worth living again" concludes Kaarina Selin.

Länsi-Suomi, Sunday, Feb. 27.1994

"...I rested for two weeks, and when I started to use a hammer again for a couple of times, the pain returned, and was like hell", complains carpenter Matti Orrensalo from Kustavi who had suffered from pain in his arm since last autumn.

Around Christmas time Orrensalo was fed up with sitting in waiting rooms, laboratory tests and x-rays which never revealed anything. He went to see Timonen in Mynämäki. "At that point my shoulder was so sore that I could not even wash my hair. Timonen treated me three times, and then the pain was gone. In seven weeks I have now built four holiday cabins, and the stress has had no negative effects on my shoulder."

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